A sanctuary for London’s inspired creators. 

With names like Lewis Capaldi, Stefflon Don, Joey Bada$$ and Anthony Joshua walking through their doors, qube is the ultimate hub for content creation. It is on a mission to build a premium space where artists can be themselves and produce their best work. Here, a new generation of makers can come together, collaborate and be immersed in a vibrant group of multi-talented creators. As qube was at a stage of expansion, they required a visual refresh that reflected its ever-growing brand and community. Together, we built a new identity that draws inspiration from the name, art direction for qube’s digital presence that also translates across it’s physical architecture and visuals that put creators on centre stage. (Scroll down)

A big thank you to all the incredible team involved; Andy, Jared, Steph, Amin, Nick, James and Bence.