Joel Claudio’s short film, ‘It’s Our Call’.

The ‘Our Movement’ documentary details the lives and stories of Newham residents, focusing on their voices, their spirit, their motivations, along with their challenges.
Painting an honest and candid picture of the lives of those at the heart of communities in Newham.
‘Our Movement’ focuses on the immovable identity that its residents are immersed in.
Newham as a borough is much more than just a place to live, work and stay and it also means much more to its residents.
Its people represent past, present and future generations, all sharing a unique wealth of culture and diversity.
Newham’s people move their communities forward. In 2020, testing times have meant that detachment and distancing have become more common,
‘Our Movement’ highlights the cohesion that runs through  Newham’s core and the role it can play in counteracting our obstacles together and driving Newham forwards.

Directed - Joel Claudio
Production Representative
Executive Producers - Otis Bell & Sam Holmes
Producer - Ella Kenny
Photographer - Matt Miller
Creative / DOP - Morgan Sinclair
VHS Footage - Daniela K Monteiro & Avi Barath
Colourist - Katie Dymmock
Editorial Stylist - Ede Dugdale  
Production Art Direction - Victoria Weighell 
Production Assistants - Georgia Pizzala, Zac Cisotti & Anthony Tutt 
Pre Production Assistant - Joel Maisanda & Jonasiah Claudio