Joel Claudio’s short film, ‘It’s Our Call’.

The ‘Our Movement’ documentary details the lives and stories of Newham residents, focusing on their voices, their spirit, their motivations, along with their challenges. Intrinsically ‘for us - by us’ storyteling, curated and produced from within E7, E12, E13, and E17. Painting an honest and candid picture of the lives of those at the heart of communities in Newham.

‘Our Movement’ focuses on the immovable identity that its residents are immersed in. Newham as a borough is much more than just a place to live, work and stay and it also means much more to its residents. This short film highlights the cohesion that runs through  Newham’s core and the role it can play in counteracting our obstacles together and driving Newham forwards. (Scroll down for more)


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