BEKA is a superstar. It started with tea in Megan’s - Clapham Old Town. Dreaming of how far we could take the BEKA brand. Beyond the impact of her songs, to make and mean even more. Intrinsically more. We built a universe on BEKA’s core values and an excitement to discover more in playful curiosity. A universe that welcomes empathy and human connection where you’re seen and heard. Just like the resonance and relatability in her cadence and storytelling. We’re so proud of what we’ve built together. A timeless identity, music videos and artwork and more. (Scroll down)

Much love to everyone involved in this journey; BEKA, Thando, Andy, Steph, Jared, Millie, Sophie, Nathan, Marthina, Bency, Amy, Devon, Natasha, Michelle, Chiharu, Samantha, Anand, Sophia, Zulumusic, and Leap.